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Where it all began! Our first trike, built in June 2015 by our friend Marcin at Punk Bikes

Handlebar Barista coffee trike HB1

  • A restored 1930’s Classic Pashley No 33 Cargo Trike
  • Fitted with an electric coffee grinder and Astoria Perla gas powered ‘lever’ coffee machine, meaning that our baristas hand-pull espressos the traditional way
  • Capable of serving up to 100 coffees per hour
  • Built-in water tank, gas cylinder and electric battery, meaning that it is completely self-sufficient
  • Serving freshly ground coffee, a selection of teas and hot chocolate
  • Also available to serve coffee-based cocktails, including Livorno Punch and our signature Espresso Martinis

Most commonly found: outside Cardiff Central Station weekday mornings and then on office runs around town


Built in August 2016 with a helping hand from Marcin at PunkBikes


  • Originally from Holland and used in World War 2 as a makeshift bed/stretcher for soldiers on the battlefield (the box on the front was obviously a bit longer back then)
  • Bought in Surrey from a man who said she’d been sitting outside Lords Cricket ground for years
  • Restored and given a new lease of life by HB with an Astoria Dual Fuel espresso machine

Most commonly found: currently retired from mobile use and found stationary in Cardiff University Bute building, being put to great use, the old boy's resting...


Our latest trike addition built in May 2017



  • Rescued from a garden in Birmingham and brought out of retirement from working as a hot-dog stand (being a coffee trike is much more fun)
  • Fully restored and fitted with a new wooden top, sliding doors and a stylish retro dual-fuel espresso machine

Most commonly found: Cardiff Bay, outside the train station on weekday mornings, and on office runs around town