Handlebar Barista Premium Coffee

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Welcome to the best-kept secret in coffee.

Formulated for cyclists, athletes and coffee-drinkers after something a little more specialist. Handlebar Barista coffee is a coiled spring, poised to unlock its awesome power.

Blended from the finest South East Asian Arabica and selected for a  unique balance of caffeine-loaded aggression. Expect a carnival of incredible, complex flavours on the palate.

This is a recipe tried and tested by cyclists for flavour-galore and caffeine-aplenty. But whatever your sport, it keeps you going longer. It dampens the sound of legs screaming to quit.

It’s the closest to a performance-enhancing drug you can get without having to return any Tour De France trophies. Saddle-up for the ultimate in coffee at home.

Perfect for pour over, cafetiere, espresso and any other brewing method in between.

Premium Arabica blend coffee
100% ethically grown and produced
Suitable for all brewing methods