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Handlebar Barista was born in 2015 and we’ve done a few miles since then

The Idea

We’re not sure exactly when or where we hit upon the idea of a coffee trike. It was probably during a ride in the Welsh countryside or a break in a coffee shop. It's quite likely the idea was ‘developed’ over a beer or two after that. 

Whoever and however we came up with it, we knew right away it was the perfect way to turn a passion for cycling and coffee into a business.

Sign writer Paul Hetherton burnishing the original Handlebar Barista logo


After a bit of research we took the plunge and got our hands on a 1930s Pashley No.33 Cargo trike. From that moment she’s been known as Handlebar Barista #1 (or HB1 to her friends). 

With some help from Punk Bikes in Cardiff, we restored her, added an electric grinder and a gas-powered Astoria Perla espresso machine.

Handlebar Barista 1 coffee trike Cardiff

The big day

HB1’s first outing was an open-air theatre performance and by ‘Taking Flight’ in Thompsons Park. After one or two technical faults had been ironed out and opening night nerves were overcome we got the show on the road. The feedback was amazing, we had an incredible day and any doubts we had were put behind us.

Chris on Handlebar Barista coffee trike Cardiff Thompson's Park

Since then, we’ve expanded the fleet with another couple of coffee trikes (HB2&3), an Icicle Tricycle (HBIT), a brew Brew Bar (HBBB) and most recently a vintage wheelbarrow. We haven’t decided what to do with HBW yet but we’ll think of something!

Life on the road

We’ve gone on to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Along with the likes of Google, Ikea, IBM and Bang Olufsen we work with a huge range of local businesses in Cardiff. We’ve travelled to events and festivals in every corner of the UK even had European adventures in Belgium. But it’s always nice to come home to our regular spots outside the city stations and Riverside Farmers Market.

So what’s next in the story? Well, we don’t know for sure. But we’ve had a hell of a ride so far and the future looks mighty bright from here!

Handlebar Barista trikes serving coffee in Cardiff and beyond

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