Handlebar Barista

Handlebar Barista is a mobile coffee and catering company based in Cardiff. 

The company was founded in 2015 to combine a love of two things: coffee and cycling. But we offer so much more. Our fleet of speciality vehicles includes 2 vintage pedal-powered coffee trikes, an electric coffee tuk-tuk, and a converted horse-box bar that can be used to serve cocktails (gin and rum are our speciality!), ice creams, craft beers and more.
These are available to hire for events of all kinds throughout the UK, and their eye-catching appearance and flexibility (not to mention our top-quality coffee) means that we have travelled to provide drinks at events throughout the UK and even overseas.

 And when not at events, we are kept busy every day keeping the good folk of Cardiff fully caffeinated. You can find us outside Cardiff Central Train Station every morning, and we also have regular office rounds, providing freshly brewed coffee to workplaces around the city centre. If you are based in Cardiff and want to add your office to our daily route then get in touch!

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Handlebar barista cycling inspired coffee whole medium coarse fine ground beans

Handlebar Barista Coffee

Coffee selected and roasted to a secret formula for the edge you need to get the job done.

It's the same rocket-fuel our customers can't get enough of. The coffee that (almost literally) flies off our vintage trikes on a daily basis.

A specially crafted, top-secret blend that gives cyclists, athletes and hardened caffeine-lovers the hit they need to get any job done.

The closest you can get to a performance-enhancing drug without having to return any Tour De France trophies.

Saddle-up for the ultimate in coffee delivered to your door.


Hire Us

Glitz-up parties, fuel you staff, impress clients or get people talking about your brand. 

Our fleet is available to bring mobile coffee and refreshments to events throughout the UK and beyond. All our vehicles are completely self-sufficient and off-grid, with onboard water supply, waste collection and gas powered espresso machine (which also runs on mains electricity when gas is prohibited).

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