Handlebar Barista

We were founded in 2015 to combine a love of two things: coffee and cycling. But we offer so much more - and you can be part of it.

Planning a wedding or special event? Fuel the party with coffee and cocktails to make it an unforgettable occasion.

Want to raise the profile of your business? We can dress up everything from branded cups, trikes or even a full bar.

Need to impress clients or fuel visitors at your event? Let us create your tailor-made, coffee-flavoured attention-magnet.

Bring a Handlebar Barista pop-up coffee stand, trike or cocktail bar to your door.

Speak to us today about crafting your bespoke experience.

Handlebar barista cycling inspired coffee whole medium coarse fine ground beans

Handlebar Barista Coffee

Coffee selected and roasted to a secret formula for the edge you need to get the job done.

It's the same rocket-fuel our customers can't get enough of. The coffee that (almost literally) flies off our vintage trikes on a daily basis.

A specially crafted, top-secret blend that gives cyclists, athletes and hardened caffeine-lovers the hit they need to get any job done.

The closest you can get to a performance-enhancing drug without having to return any Tour De France trophies.

Saddle-up for the ultimate in coffee delivered to your door.